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Until 2020, Vietnam wants to welcome at least 15 million international tourists per year, so the government has approved visa exemption policies for some key markets, loosen visa requirements for tourists.... and e-visa application for tourists will be launched next year 2017.

With current visa policy, some travel agents in Vietnam offer tourist visa for free if you book tours, hotels or tickets...with them. It means that the fee to arrange visa approval letter is very cheap (not cheap for all countries but most). This is the main reason why you get cheap service fee from us.

If you have time to find out, there are many visa companies that also offer cheap service like us or even cheaper but they are hard to be found on Google Search. We have worked for more than 10 years and found that we will not have more customers if we don't pay much money for Pay Per Click advertising (Google Adwords) : $3-4 for 1 click, in some markets like USA, Canada, Hong Kong, India, China...... we have to pay $4-5 per click. Now, we know how to pay a very small amount for Google Adwords, so we can offer you cheap fee from $15.

To keep low cost guarantee, please:

- Remember our domain www.ivisa.vn after checking the fee with other websites then comeback to us to apply for your visa. We have more chances to live to and offer you best price if you save us a click on Google Adwords.

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Why pay much money for same visa service (same visa approval letter) while you can get it through us only from $15.

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eVisa Vietnam will be coming in the year 2017 & Your Vietnam Entry Visa will be cheaper & Easier

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